Useful Links

  • EANM

    The European Association of Nuclear Medicine aims to develop the exchange of the ideas and the results concerning the diagnosis, the treatment, the research and the prevention of the diseases by the use of radioactive sources.

  • SFRP

    The French Company of Protection against Radiation aims to gather the professionals of Protection against radiation, to aid the information exchanges between specialists and non-specialists, to promote the culture of protection against radiation and to reinforce international collaboration.


    The French Association of Technicians in Nuclear Medicine aims to group together the Nuclear medicine technicians, to represent them near the public authorities, to support the information and the training of their personnel, and to promote discipline.


    The National Union of Radiopharmacians aims to promote the exercise of the radiopharmacy, to defend the professional interests, to study the problems raised by its members, and to represent them near the competent authorities.