The Company

Since the beginning, April 1980, our mission is to provide the best radioprotection for Nuclear Medicine staff.

The Medisystem team is based closed to Paris, France. Development, Design, studies, manufacturing and Marketing are all carried out on our own premises.

Our distributors are at your side to advise and guide you in choosing the right equipment and will know how to adapt to the constraints of your premises, processus, timetables and personnel. They can also provide assistance well after the delivery and installation of your equipment for removals, works, maintenance or repairs, and there are already many of you who benefit from their services.

In listening to you, we draw our inspiration from your remarks and suggestions. Your contact and requirements with us is our stimulus to enables to progress. We improve our existing range and develop new products. Our product range has thus been evolving at an increasing pace in 2008 and 2009.